The Game’s Over, Go Home

3 Sep

With a new season underway, let’s hope that this is the year when we finally see the back of a breed of football fan, which can be seen at grounds all over the UK.  Their shameful behaviour is an embarrassment to decent supporters everywhere and is seen every time there is a live game on TV.

The group in question are those fans who can be seen hanging around inside the stadium after the end of a match.  Their side has lost, but instead of going home to sulk, or heading to the nearest boozer to drown their sorrows, they remain at their seat.  Some will have their head in their hands; others will stare into space, looking like it’s the end of the world.  There may even be the occasional tear.

The worst offenders are the grown men standing with their kids.  There stands dad; bravely fighting back the tears after a four goal hammering from the local rivals, while junior is beside him thinking “Yeah I’m gutted too, but I want to go home for my dinner.”

Now there’s nothing wrong with being angry or upset after watching your side lose – for fans of many clubs it’s a regular occurrence.  However, it’s difficult to explain why these individuals act the way they do.  Is it an attention thing? Do they think it makes them appear more committed than their fellow supporter?  Or do they feel they should because they’ve seen other people doing the same.

There is another possible reason.  Perhaps the TV companies are sending employees into the crowd, or handing over a few quid to genuine fans on their way into the game.  These ‘plants’ then do what’s required if the result requires it.

Nah, that’s too far-fetched.  Broadcasters would never manipulate football to suit their own needs.  Would they?


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